Friday, June 27, 2008

Idiots, Grand Theft Auto, and Newsday

On Tuesday night, a group of six teens in New Hyde Park robbed and beat a man waiting for a bus, armed themselves with blunt instruments found in tool sheds, destroyed cars and vans, attempted to hi-jack a woman in a 2008 BMW, and were arrested by police who responded to a 911 call, all according to today's Newsday.

Teens aged 18, 17, 16, 15, and 14 were on a crime spree; a strong armed wrecking crew. "The teens told detectives they were imitating the 'Grand Theft Auto' video game series where characters steal cars, beat up other characters and commit crimes, authorities said."

This has always made me so mad. If I just got arrested as a fourteen year old, I would blame everybody and anything for why this happened to me. Witchcraft, talking dogs, drugs, alcohol, video games, death rock, cool jazz...ANYTHING. So, one of these idiot kids says "Oh, we were just imitating a video game we play. Is it wrong to mug people and destroy property? Ohhhhhhhhhh I didn't know." Give me a break. Video games had nothing to do with this.

Basic morals and code of ethics start at home with PARENTS and in schools with TEACHERS. If your kid is learning about society from video games and isn't smart enough to tell the difference between reality and entertainment, then there are greater issues going on. I say lock these kids up forever because the world is chock full of IDIOTS. There is no room for six more. Instead of "Inspired by 'Grand Theft' video, 6 teens rob man, try carjacking, smash van with bat, police say" in bold on page 1 it should say "Teens go on crime spree, where are the parents?"

Newsday was praying for a story like this. I feel like MATTHEW CHAYES ( dropped the ball here. Let's stop passing the buck and finding out what's really wrong with these idiot kids? Are you letting you're fourteen year old out at night on a Tuesday? Irresponsible. If I get a response from Mr. Chayes I'll be happy to post it.


Anonymous said...

Like Paulie's feelings towards Apollo, Matthew Chayes doesn't sweat you.

Anonymous said...

It turns out Chayes does not sweat me.