Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WILLIE FIRED!!! and why am I still awake?

Breaking News 3:23 AM ET:
The New York Mets Fire Manager Willie Randolph

Smithtown, LI 3:41am: This is the headline on the The New York Times website. Now if I'm reading this correctly, Willie Randolph has been fired by the New York Metropolitans in the wee hours of the morning, June 17, 2008. Hopefully, I'm the first person in cyber space to give an opinion on the matter.

Willie had it coming. His team had all the talent a coach could ask for. In the shadows of last seasons historic and cataclysmic collapse, Mr. Randolph lost his clubhouse and could never win it back. And to think that the Mets were one strike away from the World Series in 2006. If Carlos Beltran could have worked a base hit or a walk in that last at bat, I could guarantee you Willie would not have been fired today.

Now the real questions will be answered. Will this shake up positively affect a team deep in the muck and mire? Will Willie ever work in New York again? Who is the next head coach of the New York Mets?

As a self admitted untrue Yankee fan, maybe I have no business commenting on this story. But there is something very exciting about knowing a juicy bit of info before the world has a chance to stretch out and have a cup of coffee. I'm jumping back in the sack for now...

Willie Randolph....Close but no cigar.

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