Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life Stats

I was driving to Matt's Pizza in St. James the other day. After hanging a left turn on to Lake Ave. I started to think, "I wonder how many times I have made this left turn in my career as a person?" This, of course, led me to think of other questions that I will never know the answer to.

-How many total words have I spoke?
-How many meals/pound of food have I consumed?
-How much total money have I earned/spent?
-How many yawns?
-How many sneezes?
-Overall beerpong percentage?
-Phone calls made/received?
-How much distance have I travelled by foot/car?
-How much time have I spent watching TV/movies/in the bathroom?
-Awake/Asleep ratio?
-How many total concerts/sporting events have I been to?
-Total number of friends made? Total number of enemies?
-Total number of insects killed?
-My overall Ice Hockey stats?

There must be 14,000 more questions you could ask about your life. The scary thing is that all of those questions have an answer. Feel free to enter your X or R rated "Life Stat" questions in the comments section.


Jeanie said...

I can't help but be impressed that, even for a moment, you pondered your beerpong percentage. Well done!

Anonymous said...

How many times have you fallen in the toilet seat because a friend or perhaps now a foe, left the seat up?

How many times have you done your laundry and come out one sock shy than when you had begun?

How many times have you drank yourself into a toilet and swore you would never drink again...and then drank the following weekend?