Friday, August 15, 2008

Mike and the Mad Dog Ends

When I was a dental salesmen, I would drive about 100 miles a day and wait to hear Chris Russo and Mike Francesa take on the New York Sports world. It was an opinionated show; a funny show about the failures and triumphs of the local sports heroes that we lived and died by. Nineteen years after their first show, the Mike and the Mad Dog show has ended. Chris Russo has left the show in pursuit of a new challenge. Personally, I am pretty upset.

This was truly my favorite radio program of all-time. There is something about Chris Russo that I find amazing. This guy seems like he belongs in a mental hospital. His laugh is infectious and his passion for broadcasting is unmatched. I'll be very interested to see where he goes next; whether it be satellite radio or television. Mike has signed on to do his own show for the afternoon drive on WFAN which should still stay on the top of the New York sports talk scene. I am guessing that the YES network will carry The Mike Francesa Show but we will have to wait and see.

There is a classic Chris Russo rant on youtube about the Pacman Jones shootings in Las Vegas. He is going nuts about how he is still able to play in the NFL. Some guy from New York made an impersonation of this rant and it is unbelievable. Check it out.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For Cavy. Enjoy.

Check out this No Mercy glitch...

Friday, August 1, 2008

GRE: Dips and Valleys

When you walk into a GRE exam, you should be greeted by a 124 year old man who takes your license (luckily, I just received mine in the mail a day earlier) and gives you a confidentiality agreement to sign stating that I will not disclose whatever is on this test. But you have to write out the entire statement in cursive (or script for the layman). It's like a 43 word statement. I felt like Adam Sandler writing 'Rizzuto' on the blackboard. Can somebody tell me how to make a capital F in cursive?

Anyway, you are escorted into a room where the crypt keeper askes you some more vital questions like, "do you need an extra pencil?" and "do you want headphones to tune out any distractions?" So I grabbed my headphones, walked into my cubicle and began.

45 minute- Pick an arguement and support it however you wish
30 minute- Critique an agruement: how well does the author support his/her claim?
30 minute- Verbal
45 minute- Quantitative (Math)

I think I did really well on my writing section. It was definetly the highlight of the exam. As for the verbal and math, I might as well have been seven years old. I think I did average at best... but there is always next month. Till then, I found a new book. '30 Days to a Better Vocabulary'.

So that's that. I'll take it again. I wish I could clue you guys in on some of the questions but I fear a S.W.A.T. team is going break in my home and kill Snowy and I. Enjoy your weekend.