Friday, August 1, 2008

GRE: Dips and Valleys

When you walk into a GRE exam, you should be greeted by a 124 year old man who takes your license (luckily, I just received mine in the mail a day earlier) and gives you a confidentiality agreement to sign stating that I will not disclose whatever is on this test. But you have to write out the entire statement in cursive (or script for the layman). It's like a 43 word statement. I felt like Adam Sandler writing 'Rizzuto' on the blackboard. Can somebody tell me how to make a capital F in cursive?

Anyway, you are escorted into a room where the crypt keeper askes you some more vital questions like, "do you need an extra pencil?" and "do you want headphones to tune out any distractions?" So I grabbed my headphones, walked into my cubicle and began.

45 minute- Pick an arguement and support it however you wish
30 minute- Critique an agruement: how well does the author support his/her claim?
30 minute- Verbal
45 minute- Quantitative (Math)

I think I did really well on my writing section. It was definetly the highlight of the exam. As for the verbal and math, I might as well have been seven years old. I think I did average at best... but there is always next month. Till then, I found a new book. '30 Days to a Better Vocabulary'.

So that's that. I'll take it again. I wish I could clue you guys in on some of the questions but I fear a S.W.A.T. team is going break in my home and kill Snowy and I. Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Nice story about taking the GRE, dude... I'd rather watch gross grow. In fact, we watch grass grow when you try and manuveur, progression-wise. Write about thangs like how getting aggressive turned into Operation Dumbo Drop. That's enough for now, gotta return some videotapes.

Come get my belt.