Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last week, John McCain said that the economy was relatively strong. Today, he has suspended his campain because we are looking at another great depression. So, we went from relatively strong to depression in less than a week. He's not suspending anything. He's hoping people look at him and think, "Wow, he puts the country first....I think I'll vote for him." Honestly, suspending his campain and trying to weasel out of a debate on Friday is a mask. Obama wants to talk about about America on Friday and I think the American people need to listen. My point is McCain lost some serious points today with the American people.

P.S. Sarah Palin is an idiot.

P.S.S. Think about those poor bastards at Ole Miss that have been planning this debate for months... Come on.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost and Profound

I lose a lot of things. Recently, I lost my wallet in A.C. but got it back in the mail from an unknown source. I have lost my keys before, some cash, multiple hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts. I lost one sandal at a friends house once... that always bothered me. I was only there for two hours. Anyway, I was just looking for my Ipod when I realized something. An item becomes lost when you start searching in impractical places for that item. For example, if I was looking for my belt in the refrigerator, that item is officially lost. Not forever, but in that time frame. I was just looking for my Ipod in drawers I haven't opened since 1982. It turns out, it was underneth the very computer I am typing on right now.

I guess my point is... sitting down, taking a deep breath, and cursing very loudly is the only way to find something that is lost.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We got attacked while I was walking to my political science class at 9:00 am. When I got to my American Politics class, the lights were dimmed and CNN was on a projected screen.

Cousin and Firefighter Richard Allen, who now has his own street name in Rockaway, died at the World Trade Center. Just wanted to put some remembrance out there on this seventh anniversary.

Michael Doda JR is also my hero...and he's about to become a captain in the FDNY. Does the FDNY have a card system like the PBA and the DEA? I'm going to have to do some research on that. Till then, lets take a second to remember some heros today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is Bob Doda Doing?

I can't believe I haven't updated this earlier. Sorry to all my loyal readers. I promise to be more effiecient.

Goodbye, Summer. As someone that is pro-global warming, I have always wanted to extend Summer into October on the East Coast. Think about trick-or-treating in seventy degree weather... wouldn't that be great kids???? Green House Gases?? More like Fun House Gases. Summer doesn't end until my flip flops are in the closet for good. I can't stand people that say they like the Winter better then the Summer. T-shirts and shorts or fourteen hoodies? You make the call.

I have two jobs. One at Tandem Medical in Smithtown getting sales leads for a radiology firm. The other is the dream coming true.

I am, for right now, a Temp Producer at News 12 Long Island, writing and editing the top stories for the website and the interactive channel (612). I am only 24 more steps away from being the next Edward R. Murrow or Dan Rather. But still, I couldn't be happier.

So, this Summer was interesting to say the least thanks to a lot of new friends, the reliability of the old ones, and the weekly adventures with good but mostly bad results. It saw the resurgance of No Mercy too, (aka post phage aka universe aka "Lets play smerce until our faces melt" aka "Lets play smerce until the cows milk themselves") which was always fun. I'll miss you snake.

Some things to look forward to:
1) The Conor Sussillo Weekend
2) Halloween/Halloween movie sequels
3) The Presidential Election. I'm pretty sure I'm not voting. I'll get into that.
4) Thanksgiving
6) The Birth of Jesus Christ....Brian Harmon.
7) NYE
8) Groundhog Day "....oh yeah, don't drive on the railroad tracks."
9) St. Patty's Day
10) Summer '09

Till then, check out the News 12 website periodically. I can't believe I actually work for them. Like my friend Brill from BC once said "Start Small, Think Big" That's what I plan to do.

P.S. Somebody sent me my lost Atlantic City wallet back through the U.S. mail. No return address. Can you believe that? I would send every single way to contact me and the address of all of my former employers. I can't believe I'll never get the story about where it was found. I'd rather not have it, honestly.