Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is Bob Doda Doing?

I can't believe I haven't updated this earlier. Sorry to all my loyal readers. I promise to be more effiecient.

Goodbye, Summer. As someone that is pro-global warming, I have always wanted to extend Summer into October on the East Coast. Think about trick-or-treating in seventy degree weather... wouldn't that be great kids???? Green House Gases?? More like Fun House Gases. Summer doesn't end until my flip flops are in the closet for good. I can't stand people that say they like the Winter better then the Summer. T-shirts and shorts or fourteen hoodies? You make the call.

I have two jobs. One at Tandem Medical in Smithtown getting sales leads for a radiology firm. The other is the dream coming true.

I am, for right now, a Temp Producer at News 12 Long Island, writing and editing the top stories for the website and the interactive channel (612). I am only 24 more steps away from being the next Edward R. Murrow or Dan Rather. But still, I couldn't be happier.

So, this Summer was interesting to say the least thanks to a lot of new friends, the reliability of the old ones, and the weekly adventures with good but mostly bad results. It saw the resurgance of No Mercy too, (aka post phage aka universe aka "Lets play smerce until our faces melt" aka "Lets play smerce until the cows milk themselves") which was always fun. I'll miss you snake.

Some things to look forward to:
1) The Conor Sussillo Weekend
2) Halloween/Halloween movie sequels
3) The Presidential Election. I'm pretty sure I'm not voting. I'll get into that.
4) Thanksgiving
6) The Birth of Jesus Christ....Brian Harmon.
7) NYE
8) Groundhog Day "....oh yeah, don't drive on the railroad tracks."
9) St. Patty's Day
10) Summer '09

Till then, check out the News 12 website periodically. I can't believe I actually work for them. Like my friend Brill from BC once said "Start Small, Think Big" That's what I plan to do.

P.S. Somebody sent me my lost Atlantic City wallet back through the U.S. mail. No return address. Can you believe that? I would send every single way to contact me and the address of all of my former employers. I can't believe I'll never get the story about where it was found. I'd rather not have it, honestly.

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