Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1663 Days: Phish Reunites in Virginia March 6

After years of phishless summers and grooveless winters, Phish has decided to reunite in the (almost) spring of 2009 in the famous Hampton Coliseum in the heart of Virginia. The break-up will last 1663 days.

I wrote a few month's ago during the saturation of speculation of a reunion that I would be incredibly curious to see them again. How will they sound? Will they be as tight as they once were? Obviously, Trey's legal problems have helped his career in the long run as he performed at some epic concerts this past summer. Without a head full of painkillers, I think this only improves his chances of making this comeback totally worth the wait.
Will I go to VA for the show? Probably not. When they announce additional dates, I'll guarantee a Nassau Coliseum show. A summer tour ending in Limestone, Maine for a 2-day festival would be something I wouldn't miss for the world.

But what is with the break-ups and the reunions? Trey said in 2004 (and I'm paraphrasing) "This is not like the hiatus we took, WE ARE DONE."
My advice would be stop playing with the fans emotions and play some straight funk instead.

I would advise anyone interested to check out for more information and a pretty cool video about the released VA dates.

I was lucky enough to see 10 shows in my day, including the "final" show in Coventry, Vermont. The music was weak but the scene was phenomenal. I was really sad to them go. October 1, 2008 was a very happy day in the life of Bob Doda and many other fans.

It's all about the groove. Welcome Back.

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