Monday, October 13, 2008

No noose is good noose

I'm working the 3-12:00am shift tonight here at News 12 in Woodbury. My only responsiblity in this last hour of my shift is to report the final score of this Giants-Browns debacle, post the Dodgers-Phillies final, and shut off the lights. I thought it would be interesting to show everyone the titles of the articles I have been writing from all over the tri-state area (not exactly the titles but this is what I saved them as):

Baby Murder
Bronx Fire
Bronx Gunfire
Cop Fatal Crash
Dead Wife
Deadly Elevator
Domestic Violence
Execution Style
Fatal Bike Ride
Greenwich Mold
Keanburg Flooding
Love Triangle Murder
Mount Vernon Shooting
Newburgh Murder
Stocks Fall
Violent Robbery

This is a small sample. Who says there's no such thing as good news?

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Anonymous said...

I bet he's mad nobody told him how good the cheese was...

Yeah, and get some rubbers...