Monday, December 22, 2008

From Hubcaps to Selling Raps

I wasn't the best salesmen, but I was far from the worst. In many respects, I was very successful. For a time, I was the number 1 Amalgam Separator salesmen on Long Island in late 2007.

My problem was: I wasn't willing to screw people over for my own gain. I gave too much when I should have been taking. I cared to much about other people instead of myself. A salesmen has to be ready to seek and destroy on command. Go for the jugular. I didn't have that killer instinct.

In 8 months, I got published in the Times of Smithtown, got a PT job at News 12 and Newsday part II, and today, December 22, I was published on my own page in Newsday (page B21). If you read it, it was a story about a 5th and 6th grade dance to raise money for the poor. It's not online yet, but I'll post it when the time comes.

I can't help but be proud of this and tell you guys how much it means to me. I hope 8 months from now, the life and times of Bob Doda will be even more exciting.

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